“I Love Braille” is a weekly online discussion group for braille-related issues, sponsored by the East Bay Center for the Blind in Berkeley, California, with support from the American Council of the Blind.

“I Love Braille” is open to participants all across the world. Discussions convene via the Zoom conference platform on most Thursdays for approximately one hour, starting at at 9:00 AM US Pacific time. Recorded episodes are published online later in the day.

Weekly episodes can be heard on ACB Radio, on Thursdays starting at 9 AM Pacific time. Archived episodes are listed below.

Participants are invited to join our discussion group, hosted on Google Groups.

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I Love Braille, March 7 2024

Our guest speaker, Lisa Hall, enlightens us about the history and current state of mass production in braille. As a braille proofreader with the Cloverlook Printing House for the Blind, at the Clovernook Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired, Lisa has witnessed mass production of braille books, periodicals, and more.

I Love Braille, December 7 2023

On January 4th we will celebrate Louis Braille’s 214th Birthday. Today’s guest speaker, Deborah Good-Krochock, discusses her experience visiting the Louis Braille Museum in Coupvray and the Panthéon in Paris, France. Debbie has over 40 years experience teaching French, Spanish and more, to blind and visually impaired students. She is also a singer and dancer.

I Love Braille, November 2 2023

Our guest speaker is Dr. Judith Dixon. Over the many years of her career, Judy has served as a guide star to hundreds and thousands of braille users all over the world. She is an expert on braille, tactile literacy, & document accessibility. She is currently President of the International Council on English Braille.